Roxy Deli moved from Times Square to 694 8th Ave New York, NY

roxy bbq pork ribs

Appetizer   Salads  
Potato Pancake   Classic Caesar Salad  
Fish Tacos   Mediterranean Salad  
Backed Mac Cheese   Cobb Salad  
Tomato Mozzarella   Asian Chicken Salad  
Spinach & Artichoke Dip   Salad Platters at your choice  
Buffalo Wings      
Fiery Crispy Calamari   Soups  
Crispy Chicken Fingers   Roasted Tomato Soup  
Hungarian Stuffed Cabbage   Lot's A Motza Ball Soup  
Roxy Quesadilla   French Onion Soup  
Pasta   Steak House Cuts  
Ricotta Ravioli   Classic steak Frite  
Rigatoni Bolognese   Petit Tenderloin  
Bucatini Pasta   Rib Eye of Beef  
    New York Strip  
    T-Bone 18 Oz  
Main Course      
Fish & Ships   Hot Open Faced Turkey  
Roasted half Chicken   Hot Roast Beef Platter  
House Meatloaf   Stuffed Cabbage Platter  
Oven Backed Meatballs   Pan Seared Atlantic Salmon  
Chicken Breast Paillard   BBQ Pork Ribs  

Whipped  Potato, Yellow rice, Steam Broccoli, Ranch spiced onion ring, Fries, cole slaw, Creamed Spinach

Roxy has 70 years in restaurant business

Roxy deli restaurant, organic food, always fresh, home made

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